MAGA was the real winner of the Ohio Republican primary

MAGA was the real winner of the Ohio Republican primary

Dartmouth College assistant professor Mia Costa, Brandeis University assistant professor Zachary Albert, and University of Massachusetts-Amherst professor Raymond J. La Raja wrote about Ohio’s GOP primary for The Washington Post. They collaborated with universities to conduct an online survey analyzing Republican primary electoral returns and conclude that ranked choice voting alone wouldn’t have significantly changed Ohio’s GOP primaries, but it could have in combination with nonpartisan primaries. 

Reformers might instead wish to get rid of partisan primaries altogether and hold a nonpartisan first round election, allowing the top four vote-getters to advance to the second round (the general election). Voters could then rank these candidates in order of preference. That’s how Alaska’s primary will work in August. There’s no guarantee this kind of winnowing will produce the candidate most desired by the state’s majority, but the hope is that voters will have choices beyond the extremists who appear to be winning in conventional primaries.”

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