Local View: Making each vote count

Tyler Fisher
Local View: Making each vote count

Platte Institute Senior Fellow Laura Ebke and Unite America’s Tyler Fisher co-wrote a piece on Nebraska’s Primary Problem and how opening primaries and utilizing ranked choice voting would solve the issue and provide voters with heightened representation. 

“The consequences for our elected officials are real. Because of partisan primaries, representatives tend to prioritize special interests, reject compromise out of fear of retribution from primary voters and not work with members from the other party due to the increased threat of being ‘primaried.’ The good news is there are solutions to this ‘Primary Problem,’ and we have to look no further than our own state to find one. By replacing partisan primaries with a single nonpartisan primary — open to all voters and all candidates who compete on the same ballot — we can guarantee our representatives are elected with majority support, reward our elected leaders for solving problems, and make sure elections are decided in November when more people vote.”

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