Gerrymandering Fuels More Radicalized Primaries

Nick Troiano
Gerrymandering Fuels More Radicalized Primaries

Ahead of the start Texas' Primary elections, Unite America's Executive Director Nick Troiano writes in Real Clear Politics about the negative effect partisan gerrymandering has had on our politics and how it has shifted the most important election from the general election to party primaries.

The problem? Unlike our general elections, only a small unrepresentative group of voters turn out to decide the outcome creating what Unite America calls the "Primary Problem" with our politics today.

"While most attention this midterm season will focus on the outcome of an albeit fewer number of competitive congressional races, we must not lose sight of the fact that our country’s future hinges not just on whom we elect – but how we elect. We must make the 2020s the final decade in which gerrymandering and party primaries remain a scourge on our democracy."

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